We believe that to truly improve the lives in our region, we must act collectively to impact the critical issues affecting residents of the Texas Panhandle. We are committed to bringing together partners across all sectors in order to address community concerns. We will work to mobilize the caring power of individuals to generate sustainable improvements in our communities and impact lives in measurable and lasting ways. We are committed to our role as a trusted steward for community and individual investments and resources. In doing so, we create sustainable community change.

Goal 1: Develop and implement a stable financial framework to enable the Foundation to achieve its mission now, and in the future.
This goal will build relationships to increase and sustain annual and long-term giving, for the present and the future, connect donors and communities in the causes they care about, serve as a discretionary asset-builder and a high quality grant maker with an emphasis on critical community needs.
Goal 1: Serve as a community leader for regional philanthropic initiatives.
Goal 2: Enhance collaboration with outlying communities.
The Foundation serves as a facilitator and a conveyor for community good. The Foundation will seek opportunities to invest in Panhandle communities to stimulate advancement in the areas of education, healthcare, job training, the arts, the environment, and others. Plans will be implemented to engage other grant makers, foundations, and donors in partnership for funding of community initiatives. Community investing and serving those who serve others are at the core of everything we do.

Goal 1: Ensure efficient and up-to-date Board, committee and staffing structures to promote alignment with Foundation objectives.
The Amarillo Area Foundation Board and staff are committed to continuous improvement, capacity building, effective leadership, and a strong governance system to engage the strengths and diversity of stakeholders to achieve its mission. Board and staff infrastructure will be developed to support all areas of strategic direction.

Goal 1: Adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and best practices for community foundations.
Nonprofit accountability, ethics, and integrity are the foundation of everything we do. We are a business focused on people working together for shared value, mutual benefit and the common good. As a public charity, we respect our obligation toward our constituents, the public, and take responsibility to ensure that a dilution of our charitable mission does not occur.