Donor Advised Fund Form

I. Fund Advisor(s):

All current and successor Advisors have the ability to recommend distributions unless otherwise stated. Only one generation of successor Advisors may be designated by the founding Advisor.

II. Name of your fund

III. Distribution and Community Acknowledgement:

Distributions made from a fund to a charity are accompanied by a letter which includes the fund name unless anonymity is requested.

You will have the opportunity to specify your preferences for recognition each time you recommend a distribution. For the default settings:

IV. Distributions

V. Succession Plan

At the death, incapacity or resignation of the Donor or Fund Advisor (choose Yes for only one):

VI. Your Estate Plans

If your estate plans include a gift to your fund at AAF, or you are interested in exploring this option, please contact Trent Hill at 806-376-4521 or trent@aaf-hf.org, or go to www.aaflegacy.org. This information will help with the development of the succession plan for your fund. You may check more than one box:

VII. Gifting to Your Fund

On what date do you plan to make the initial gift to establish your fund?

Indicate the type of gift you plan to contribute:

Please contact Trent Hill or Amy Lovell with any questions at 806-376-4521.
After establishing your fund, you can make additional gifts at any time.

VIII. Expendable or Endowed Fund

Endowments are permanent funds established to carry out the donor’s philanthropic intentions in perpetuity. In essence, endowments are gifts that keep growing and giving. Assets are invested for growth, and the amount available for grants each year is based on a “spending rule” that currently distributes a maximum of 4.50% of the average market value of the fund over the preceding 13 quarters. (Note: this percentage rate can vary based on the economic growth forecast and is reviewed annually by the Investment Committee of AAF.)

Expendable funds permit distributions in any amount at any time.

* Please note, this option is currently available to funds with assets greater than or equal to $25,000. If upon the death of the last original donor the balance in the fund does not meet this required threshold for endowment, the fund shall remain an expendable fund.

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