The Amarillo Area Foundation Board approved establishment of the Panhandle Wealth Initiative
in 2012. This initiative extends the Foundation’s work with its partner service providers by exploring approaches that help low to moderate income individuals gain solid financial footing and achieve greater economic security for their family which, in turn, will also strengthen community.

The initiative’s objectives are to:
 •    Increase financial aptitude and stability through financial literacy
 •    Increase access to capital through matched or incentivized saving
 •    Explore and consider alternate community/economic development that fosters pace-based job creation and local ownership
 •    Test new approaches and models for supporting disinvested neighborhoods or communities
 •    Gather and analyze data to inform decision-making, develop programs, etc.
 •    Develop or adopt models to determine viability of various approaches
 •    Foster community trust and goodwill wherein access to services and opportunities are available to all
 •    Strengthen neighborhoods and communities.

These initiatives and programs encourage innovation across multiple sectors, provide financial support, resources, and technical expertise to create pathways to financial stability and building assets.