As I look back on 2016, it is easy to see why the theme of this annual report is investing in people. The mission of the Amarillo Area Foundation is to improve quality of life for Texas Panhandle residents. As we enter our 60th year, little has changed since the Foundation’s inception related to this single-minded focus on assisting our friends and neighbors.

When I discuss the Foundation’s work with those in the community, quite often the discussion shifts towards the Foundation’s role as a financial manager. Usually there are questions concerning the financial transactions conducted by the Foundation, the holdings in our investment portfolio, and the overall net asset value of the Foundation compared to prior years. All of this highlights one of the many important things we do to support the residents of our region. However, all of this work is done to support our goal to provide resources to projects that positively impact citizens in all corners of our service area.

As we consider how best to invest the Foundation’s resources to benefit Texas Panhandle residents, we must ask several key questions:
     •How do you determine the needs of a large and diverse geographic region?
     •How can you measure the improvement made to the quality of life for your friends and neighbors?
     •How do you identify partners who play a vital role in helping you accomplish this ambitious mission?
     •How can you find and support the most impactful projects undertaken by nonprofits in our region?
     •How can you best develop new solutions to address community needs both now and for years to come?

At times, this seems like a daunting task. As with any journey, this one begins with a single step. In 2016, the Foundation made great strides in improving and expanding our grant programs. We implemented new guidelines for our traditional grant program designed to fund projects that provide the greatest impact to residents of our area. We initiated a corporate grantmaking initiative designed to assist corporations with developing a grant program consistent with their values and objectives for investing in the people of our region. The first two corporate funds launched in 2016 supporting the goals of CNS Pantex and Pattern Energy. The response to these grant programs was overwhelming. We initiated our Catalyst Grant Program designed to provide a streamlined application and review process for grants that fall below the threshold for the Foundation’s mainstream process. Finally, we began funding healthcare projects through our Harrington Regional Medical Campus Grant Initiative to support quality healthcare throughout our service area.

Each of these small steps helps the Foundation develop a greater understanding of the needs of our community and we hope to be better positioned to address our region’s needs and support our friends and neighbors. By investing in people, we know our region will become stronger and more vibrant as we prepare for the challenges we will face moving forward.

Clay Stribling

Clay Stribling
Amarillo Area Foundation President & CEO


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