Legacy Fund

A living legacy

because of donors like you

The Amarillo Area Foundation has been able to provide philanthropic support to the Texas Panhandle for over 50 years. The Foundation established a Legacy Fund in honor of donors and to recognize the accomplishments of the Foundation over the years.

How it works


The goal of the Legacy Fund is to raise unrestricted funds to provide for programs and services to meet the future needs of the Texas Panhandle.


All donors with cumulative contributions of $10,000 or more to the Foundation will be recognized as “Legacy Founders.”


Both current, past and planned gifts will all be counted toward Legacy status.

Your Legacy

and the future

The Amarillo Area Foundation Legacy Fund is an opportunity for you to achieve one more goal – for yourself, your family, your heirs, and for your community. Each Legacy Fund donor’s gift becomes an essential element in a growing, evolving, living force. When you make a decision to give, you make a difference. You give the Amarillo Area Foundation the power to do good things.

The Legacy Fund also delivers current and sustainable financial support to our community service and educational programs and institutions, resulting in a better quality of daily life and an accelerated path to educational excellence. With its long-term objective of building a large Panhandle Area Endowment, the Fund provides our donors with an effective way to give now and for more than a lifetime. The Legacy Fund recognizes each donor as a full partner in its mission and its outcomes.