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2015 Annual Report
Clay Stribling, President & CEO


Amarillo Area Foundation’s 2015 Annual Report is now available.

Last year marked a record year for the Foundation. We reached new heights in both contributions and distributions. Our acquisition of the Harrington Regional Medical Campus allowed us to directly invest in the health of Texas Panhandle residents, and we continued to invest in the health of communities across the region through our programs and grants.

We are very proud of the quality and scope of the work we accomplished in 2015.

To learn more about our efforts to improve the quality of life for Texas Panhandle residents please view the full version of our annual report here.

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AAF Summer 2016 newsletter 1

Granting Opportunities: Gateway to health careers


In honor of our 2015 Annual Report, which focuses on the various components of healthy communities, we wanted to highlight the work of a past grant recipient that is fostering healthy communities.  The Gateway to Health Careers project coordinated by the Coalition of Health Services was an easy choice. The project received $125,000 in funding from two Amarillo Area Foundation supporting organizations and cultivates the health of 13 rural communities by providing health science education for its young people. The goal is to retain local talent for the healthcare workforce in rural communities, while also providing quality healthcare for local residents.

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she gives
Berklye Bonifield

In this edition of She Gives we are featuring Berklye Bonifield's inspiring philanthropic story. You will be moved by her wisdom and strength. Thank you for sharing your story, Berklye.

I give back. It's something I always wanted to do and was brought up to do. The question as a relatively young adult is now just a matter of where to create the most impact since the decision is completely my own.

Growing up in church, I saw my parents faithfully tithe and I grew up learning the importance of giving back. My parents would give me an allowance for doing chores as a little girl and I had the opportunity to tithe a little portion of it. As I grew older our church youth group would actually go out into the community and serve. Seeing the need firsthand as a young girl left a lasting impression on me. Needless to say, giving has been engrained in me since I was a young and was and will always be a top priority for me.

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Philanthropy Needs dafs


Have you read Vikki Spruill’s article on the misinformation surrounding DAFs, yet? If you haven’t do so below.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are a popular topic these days. DAFs are powerful giving mechanisms set up at financial institutions and community foundations that allow donors to support and remain connected to causes and issues they care about most.

When explained, people get it. They see the power and need for DAFs. Despite the inroads we have made in educating elected officials, journalists, and the general public about DAFs, damaging misinformation continues to be put out about them.

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Toolbox For Fundraisers
Charlotte Rhodes, ACFRE | Katharyn Wiegand, CFRE | Patricia Ward, CFRE

Sept.7- Nov. 16

Approved for 33 classroom hours (3.30 CEUs) from Amarillo College

Approved for 33 continuing education points by CFRE International

$295 per attendee

$250 for AFP Texas Plains Chapter members

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