Since 1998, 4,487 high school students have met ACE requirements, and $5.2 million has been awarded in ACE scholarships to pay for tuition, fees and books. Examples of success are as follows:

  • Approximately 45% of all Caprock and Palo Duro High School graduates are ACE eligible.
  • Palo Duro High School graduation rate has increased by 26% since inception of ACE.
  • Increased college readiness as measured by Texas Success Initiative (TSI).
  • 1,121 degrees and certificates from Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University have been awarded.
  • In 2014, 567 ACE graduates attended Amarillo College and 223 attended West Texas A&M University.
  • A total of $5.2 million has been paid for books, tuition and fees at Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University since the inception of the program.
  • Currently, 1,142 students are ACE eligible at Palo Duro High School; 1,262 are ACE eligible at Caprock High School; and 225 are ACE eligible at Tascosa High School.