Click here to download, save, and complete the Grant Application (a Word document). When complete, email the application form and any attachments to Mail or hand-deliver other attachments, e.g., IRS Form 990, audit, etc. 


The following information may be helpful in completing the Project Description

portion of the application:


Summary: Define the problem that makes the program or project necessary. Justify the existence of the problem with documented statistics and data. Explain how the problem aligns with your organization’s mission and why your organization is best suited to address the problem. Summarize the program or project clearly and concisely. Describe what is to be accomplished, who will be served, and how much it will cost.

Timeline: Prepare a timeline that reflects planning, implementation, and evaluation of the program or project. 

Evaluation: Explain, in detail, plans to evaluate the intended outcome. Who or what is expected to change? What activities are planned to achieve this outcome? What baseline information or measure exists? What new information will be collected and reported to demonstrate progress toward and achievement of the outcome? What is the numerical target goal and date for each measure? What methods will be used to gather the information and who will  be responsible for gathering it? What resources (human and monetary) are needed to conduct the evaluation and what is available? How will evaluation results be used? Who will receive evaluation reports and when?

Project Budget: List every source of income related to the program or project, in whole dollar amounts, beginning with the amount requested from the Foundation. Include in-kind donations, monetary pledges/donations, funds requested from other foundations, corporation, etc. (Insert additional rows as needed.) List every expense related to the program or project in as much detail as possible. Be sure to offset any in-kind donations on the expense side. The  total income and expense should be the same and should be equal to the total project budget.

Other and/or Future Funding:  If the program or project requires additional support, include letters of commitment or a development plan outlining how additional funds will be raised. Describe how the project will be funded beyond the grant period. Construction projects should include a post-construction operating budget that reflects any increase or decrease, and how an increase will be funded.